Stochastic Aspects in Brittle Fracture

Brittle fracture in heterogeneous materials is a complex, multiscale phenomenon. While theoretical frameworks and computational methods enabling the simulation of crack propagation at micro- and macro-scales emerged over the past two decades, methodologies bridging information across relevant scales are still to be developed. The aim of this project, conducted in collaboration with Prof. Yvonnet (MSME, UPE) and Prof. Bornert (Navier, ENPC), is to advance new methodologies that incorpore both multiscale features and stochastic aspects in the description of brittle fracture for random media (Ph.D. project of D.-A. Hun).

Crack path

 Crack path predicted by the phase field formulation at microscale  


 Comparison of the macroscopic response between microscale- and mesoscale-informed formulations